Zone Of Control

  • In Bushido, every model has a Zone of Control (ZoC) extending 1" from the edge of its base to any point within its LoS.
  • Models ignore Friendly ZoC but once a model enters an Enemy model’s ZoC it may only move directly towards that model, or directly away, until it leaves the ZoC.
  • Models beginning their Activations in one or more ZoC must either:
      1. Declare a Stand Up action.
      2. Declare an action that allows them to move into BtB with one of those models and move directly toward the Enemy model until they reach BtB.
      3. Declare another action that allows a Movement but they must move directly away from the Enemy model until they leave the ZoC; or away from all models until they leave all ZoC if in multiple Zones of Control , after which they can move freely.
  • Models can ignore the ZoC of models that are in BtB with Enemy models for Movement and declaring or performing actions (such as Ranged Attacks or Scenario Actions which otherwise cannot be performed in a ZoC).
  • If a model moves out of BtB, then it may ignore the ZoC until that moves is completed.
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