Wiki Status and Priorities

Current Status

  • All core rules have been loaded, and links created for much of the content
    • More formatting and linking is still needed, but should be relatively minor at this stage
  • FAQ information has been captured and added to the relevant sections as collected from Facebook and the GCT forums
    • Adding FAQ information will be ongoing and continuous
  • All Factions have their own page with background information and themes as a minimum
    • Additional content relating to playstyles and strengths are still needed for most
    • Some theme detail pages yet to be completed
  • All current Model Profiles have their own page with whatever background is available via the GCT Store
    • Profile lists have been collated to show the applicable Ronin and Theme based restrictions
  • Some profile types have their own page, but very few have been created at this stage
  • All current special cards and themes have been added for all factions


  1. Flesh out faction pages
  2. Refine rules layout and add links


  • Add scenario and tournament information when released


  • Gallery for painted minis
  • Add model images to profile pages for ease of identification
  • Links to GCT store from model profile pages
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