Warband Composition

To recruit a Warband, players must choose a Rice Limit and a Faction to play.

The Rice Limit determines the size of the game, you can play any amount of Rice for a game we suggest the following:

  • The Faction Starter boxes has models totalling 70 Rice
  • The Faction Starter boxes also has has a 3 model, 40 Rice list.
  • The 2 player box has 40 Rice for each Faction.
  • Tournament games are 100 Rice.

A warband may not be of the Ronin Faction. A player’s Warband in Bushido is made up of a number of models and any Special cards from the same Faction or Ronin that work for that Faction.

The Rice Cost of your Warband must come to the total agreed upon with your Opponent. Players can only recruit one of each card; this does not prohibit the Opponent from recruiting the card for their Warband. Sometimes two or more models are represented by the same profile card. A player can choose to recruit as many models as there are Wound tracks on the profile card.

Ronin Models

Ronin represent wanderers, mercenaries, diplomats, outcasts and other individuals who may fight for more than one Faction. From the Prefecture hiring the services of Bikou to three Imperial Princesses expecting the hospitality of the Tengu or Sojobo, leaving his people without a King to seek the enlightenment of the Temple, Ronin each have different motivations for working with many Factions but all follow these rules.

  • Ronin models can be included in warbands of multiple different factions, Ronin models may be recruited into any warband of a faction that is listed on the Ronin card either by faction symbol or in words.
  • Ronin are NOT considered to be of the faction of the warband they are recruited into for game effects. If an effect specifies it works only on Faction models then it does not work on ronin.
  • Ronin can only have Ronin Enhancement cards and cannot be included in any Faction theme lists unless the theme specifies Ronin of that type.
  • They can be included in Ronin Theme Lists.
  • It is permissible to make a list for a given faction that includes only Ronin models that work for that Faction but when creating a warband you cannot choose Ronin as your Faction.

Example: A Prefecture list using the Blood of the Dragon theme can include Samurai but cannot include Golden Sentinel models as the theme does not include Ronin Samurai.

Example: It is possible to create a Warband entirely made of Ronin. First choose a faction (Prefecture, Ito, Silvermoon etc…) and choose Ronin available to that faction. It is not a “Ronin Faction” list as this is not permitted.

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