• Can the Terrain element be seen through when drawing Line of Sight (LoS)?


  • No effect on LoS.


  • No LoS can be drawn through any part of the Terrain element that is considered Blocking.
  • If any Los is blocked to the target by Blocking terrain (Assuming there is a clear LoS past the terrain) then the target benefits from Cover if it is within 1” of the terrain piece.


  • If any Line of Sight to any part of a target's base is drawn through Obscuring terrain then the target benefits from cover if it is within 1” of the terrain piece.


  • Models on a hill terrain or otherwise elevated gain Reach on their Melee Weapons for melee exchanges where a non-Cloudwalk opponent did not begin it's activation on the same terrain as they hold the high ground.
  • In addition they ignore models and terrain smaller than the Enhancing terrain for LoS (Though such terrain can still provide cover if LoS passes through them).
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