Two Lone Swordsmen



The two lone swordsmen were a spectator’s favourite at the fighting pits. Most assumed they were slaves like all the other fighters but when Hiroto and his men escaped the two swordsmen were already waiting, having sold their house and left the city. They were private citizens all along and chose to fight to the death night after night… perhaps for the money.

They remained loyal to Hiroto, while never mixing with any of his men, for a long period; though occasionally they would disappear for months, only to return and act like they had never left.
They never seem to practice, but clearly they have learned the art of swordsmanship somewhere; even Hiroto cannot identify their Koryu. Their style is one of a harmony of two elements and alone they would be considered barely competent Samurai. Together they are all but unstoppable.

Added to this is the fact that almost all of Hirotos band claim to have seen one or the other fall in combat. Despite the horrific wounds they take, when next seen they are fighting together again as if nothing had happened. Eldest Brother simply says it is the natural way of the universe that these two kill at each other’s side.

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