Tru’pah was honoured among Eagle ashigaru, he carries the clan's standard into battle. With most of the clan he fought in the rearguard at Sagoya, allowing the oldest and youngest Shiho to escape. Unlike most of the clan he lived. Many of his friends and fellow ashigaru died to keep the banner flying. He managed to survive in the swamps, always keeping the banner from falling to the mud. He learned to hunt the creatures, find water and which berries were poisonous. The big threat was not one he could have imagined. As the dead Shiho rose and walked again Tru’pah thought he was seeing shades sent to torment him because they died so he could live. He was physically attacked and learned to fight back. Learned how to kill them and keep them dead. He continued for years, living, constantly hunted by the dead, thinking himself mad and not wanting to inflict his madness on anyone else. Hiroto found him and showed him that in fact the dead now rise in Sagoya due to the machinations of the Cult. He took him to the camps of the Shiho, still carrying the banner high. He wakes in the night, tormented by dreams of the dead coming for him but, knowing that giving away their position could be disastrous for the clan, he never cries out. He sees them while awake still, though he has told nobody of this. His mind truly shattered. Finally broken by the revelation that he was sane.

Model type(s):

Melee Weapons(s):

Weapon Melee Strenght Traits Special Abilities
Katana +0 Sharp (1) Combo Attack (1)


Armour (2), Banzai!, Last Stand, Leadership [Loyal] (1/6"), Lightfooted, Steadfast, Tireless, Vengeance [Takashi]

Ki Feat(s):

Unique Effect(s):

In the Starting Phase, this model gains a Frightened Marker.
This model treats all Enemies as if they had Fear (5). While in a Melee Exchange, Enemy models lose Rise and Last Stand.
This model may be recruited into any Warband that has recruited Hiroto.

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