The Rules

This section tells you how to play the game. This may look daunting and if it is your first game, we suggest looking at «2 Player Box», checking online for videos or asking your local game store if they can show you how to play. Many areas have a Bushido Retainer, our demo team who can help you learn and you can find them on the official website

Rule #1: Rules Conflicts

When two rules come into direct conflict, use the following order of precedence to determine how to proceed:

  1. If one rule (Rule A) references another rule (Rule B) by name, then Rule A takes priority. If this does not resolve the conflict, then move on to 2 below.
  2. Rules that prevent something happening take priority over rules that force something to happen. If this does not resolve the conflict, then move on to 3 below.
  3. If effects happen at the same time, the active player chooses the order to resolve them.

Example: Kenko uses Slam Attack on Mikio. Mikio has used Mountain Stance which grants immovable. Slam Attack makes no reference to Immovable, or vice versa - so test 1 does not resolve this. However, per test 2, since Immovable is stopping an effect from happening, it takes priority over the Slam rules and Mikio is not moved or knocked prone.

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