The Descension


For countless cycles the elders of the mountain have watched and waited, their quiet vigil in the high places of the world unbroken. Silently they have overseen the rise and fall of innumerable clans, the petty squabbles of mortals bare no relevance to their goal.
Gifted with generations of knowledge passed down through the written teachings of the Karasu Shugenja and oral histories of the Koroko Shisai, the Tengu hold the secrets of the world in the their high homes.
Now stirred into action, one can only imagine the danger that looms that has rustled the Tengu to war.

Play Style(s)

The Descension can generally be classified into two types: Tengu and Tribesmen.

The Tengu are generally highly mobile which allows positioning advantage anytime in the game. This can be critical for any scenario type. Securing areas and capturing zones early on is a good strategy for the Tengu. Make good use of that high move stat and get there fast to strike fast! Protecting models is also a breeze for Tengu; Fly out VIMs to safety, disengage when necessary, and put unitstogether to secure flanks. The Tengu also have Shisai models (these are general the spell casters and healers). These are fragile units that act as either force amplifiers or health recovery units. Protect them and make sure they utilize their Ki for Ki Feats or Defense dice.

The Tribesmen do not have cloudwalk ability but they are strong and courageous giving them either Brawn or WarCry. This allows them to instill fear into opponents and suppress them.

The Descension are fairly good in 1v1 battles because of their high melee base. However, be mindful of opponents ganging up on you! Observe your opponent's approach and as much as possible, avoid overextending. Disengage should always be an option! Tengu and Tribesmen rarely have abilities that will allow them to do damage to multiple units so be careful in selecting targets.

Overall, the Descension is for those who love tactical engagements, mobility and bravery.


  • High Move Stat
  • High Melee Base
  • Most weapons have Reach


  • Little to no multiple model damage
  • Health Points only range from 5-6
  • Low armor

Profile Types


Profiles and Special Cards


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