Terrain Setup
  • A good table set up has at least 5-6 pieces of different terrain depending on the size of the terrain.
  • Lots of terrain, each covering smaller area, is better than fewer large pieces.
  • Recommended to include at least one each of:
    • [Impassable, Blocking, Huge] terrain, such as a boulder or house.
    • [Difficult, Clear, Zero] terrain such as water or tilled fields
    • [Difficult, Obscuring, Large] such as a bamboo forest
  • Then add other items.
  • Impassable Terrain cannot be deployed within 2” of Scenario Objectives or other Impassable terrain.
  • Try to avoid placing it in the area of a scenario or deployment zone.
  • Terrain should be 2” from the edge of the table but if you have very large items of terrain these can often be best used by placing them half on the table rather than occupying most of the play area with them.
  • Other terrain can be set up as you wish but not in contact with other terrain or overlapping.
  • The terrain should be equally spread around the table.
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