Terrain Cards
  • Terrain cards allow a player to deploy a specified Terrain element on the table during the player’s normal Deployment of their Warband.
  • Terrain elements deployed due to Terrain cards must follow normal rules for Terrain element deployment, unless stated on the card.
  • If restrictions mean that the terrain cannot be deployed, the opposing player must make as small an alteration as possible to allow the bought terrain to be placed.
  • Terrain cards have Difficulty and Visibility Traits.

Terrain Card Traits:

  • Destructible:
    • A model in base contact with this terrain and not in an enemy ZoC can declare a wait action and spend 2Ki to remove it from the table.
  • Multiple (X):
    • This card can be purchased for a Warband up to X times.
  • Required [Type]:
    • This card is restricted in how it can be played or recruited and requires a [Type] of model.
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