Targeting a Model in BtB
  • If a model Targets a model in BtB with a Friendly model then at Step 4b, make a Ranged Challenge Test (6), with the following modifiers to the Challenge Number:
Size Modifier
Target is Tiny +1
Target is Medium -1
Target is Large -2
Target is Huge Automatic Success
  • If the test is successful proceed as normal.
  • If the test is a failure then the Target of the Attack is changed to the nearest Friendly model in BtB with the original target and in LoS of the attacker, ignoring all models in BtB for LoS.
  • The Ranged Attack continues with the new Target.


Q. Does the Brutal [Ranged] trait help when taking a Ranged Challenge test?
A. No. Brutal would not apply as it only affects attack dice. Prowess would apply as that allows you to simply reroll a dice of the appropriate type.

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