• The number is the model’s base Statistic value.
  • Some effects modify a Statistic but it can never go above double its base value.
  • If a Statistic is 0 it can be modified to a maximum of 1.
  • If a Statistic is represented by a “-” icon then it counts as zero but cannot be modified by positive or negative modifiers.
  • Some models also have a number icon to the side of the Statistic value which represent Ki Boost.
  • The Ki Boost value is the cost in Ki Tokens to increase the Statistic by 1.
  • Boosts remain only for the current Test or Movement.
  • A player may increase a Statistic multiple times (to a maximum of double its base Statistic), as long as there are Ki Tokens available to do so.
  • Ki Boosts are considered Ki Feats.
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