Special Cards
  • Special cards are available in decks for each faction as well as a Ronin set available to every faction.
  • There are three types of Special cards that players can recruit when creating their Warband, each card can only be recruited once per Warband unless it has the trait, Multiple (X).
  • Some cards say to Discard the card after a certain trigger happens. A Discarded Special card has no effect on the game from that point onward.
  • Each type is different in how and what they affect during the game and these are explained in detail below, but all have the following categories:

1. Name:

  • The card’s name.

Insert image of special card from rule book

2. Faction:

  • A Warband can only purchase Special cards with the same Faction symbol as the Warband, or those with no Faction symbol.

3. Type:

  • This specifies if it is an Event, Enhancement or Terrain card.

4. Description:

  • Describes the card’s effects.

5. Traits:

  • Any traits that apply to that card.

6. Rice Cost:

  • The cost to recruit the card for the Warband.
  • If the cost is variable it is always based on the unprinted Rice Cost on the models’ profile card.


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