Silvermoon Trade Syndicate


The thriving port of Jima is the beating heart of the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate’s operations. For generations the merchants of the syndicate have been the trade life blood of the Jwar isles. From the great gambling halls, where fortunes are won or lost, on the roll of a single dice or the draw of a card. A bustling and bountiful harbour brimming with exotic goods and rare delights. Famed arenas where colossal Jumo warriors clash in a brutal dance, or an array of fighting beasts struggle in a battle to the death. Water houses where ones wildest fantasies can become reality with the touch of a Rose. Their power lies not the in military might of the Ito, Takashi or Minimoto but in the stranglehold they have on trade. And not only the trade of goods, but of the secrets and whispers of even the most pious. Some would liken the Silvermoon to the flip of a coin. Pay your debts and you come up in the sun with the fortunes smiling, cross or try to cheat them and you’ll be in the dark and covered in dirt.

Play Style(s)

The Silvermoon Trade Syndicate is everything what you expect from the underworld. If the Oyabun cannot achieve the Gumi's goals though blackmail, bribery or extortion, the Buto provide a strong arm to persuade those that need it.
Warbands can be constructed with a wide variety of styles, such as:

  • Manipulation - Lure, distract, disguise, control.
  • Brute force - Butos hit hard, cause Fear, and can often intimidate. Add Endurance, and even exhausted your enemy will hesitate to target them.
  • Animal handling - With several animals available at a low cost, and the ability to command them, you can overwhelm targets.
  • Gambling - The luck of the Kami can be "engineered" to favour those that know how. This can mean good luck to the Gumi or bad luck to your enemy. If you are feeling lucky then why not toss a coin? You win, double Ki generation for this model. You lose, no Ki. Of course the toss can be rigged!


Profile Types

Profiles and Special Cards


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