Sidestep Attack
  • If the Attack is successful, the Attacker may move away from the Defender until it leaves it’s ZoC, at which point its movement ends.
  • The attacker makes no Damage Roll.


Q. Can I move out of LoS of the enemy mode as part of a successful Sidestep Attack?
A. Yes, you may move around to the rear arc if the enemy model when leaving its ZoC.

Q. Can I change facing as part of a successful Sidestep Attack?
A. Yes. The keyword “move” means this is a valid part of the action.

Q. If in BtB with 2 enemy models, can I use Sidestep Attack to move out of BtB with both in one action?
A. Yes. Sidestep Attack is a move, and therefore allows the model to leave BtB with both enemy.
Additionally, models with Split Attack may use Sidestep Attack, but will lose their second attack if leaving BtB with the second enemy model.

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