Savage Wave


Those that have faced it call it the ‘Savage Wave’, a wave that destroys virtually everything in its path.
Hordes of Bakemono from beneath the Isles of Jwar being driven ever on by the command of towering Oni whose strength is unquestionable. So too is their fury, ferocity, and strategy in battle. There is an element of extreme cunning in their ways, not brutish or bestial, but careful, considered, and otherworldly.
The origin of the Savage Wave is a mystery, for how can creatures of myth and legend stalk the Isles of Jwar?

Play Style(s)


  • Brute strength (Oni)
  • Hordes (Bakemono)
  • Fear

Profile Types


The Horde

Bakemono are unique in the way the handle Ki and that they share some communal powers.
Bakemono Horde "Out of the Underwolrd"

Profiles and Special Cards


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