Samurai are the military nobility and officer class of the Jwar Isles, and are usually associated with a specific clan either as a direct family member or a close ally, though some may enter Imperial service as bodyguards for Envoys and other officials.

Samurai with no house may become Ronin mercenaries, fighting for payment or other personal reasons (such as revenge). Although branded as outlaws and generally despised, most Factions still find a use for the deadly skills of a Ronin Samurai in their ranks at some time or another. In war, the end often justifies the means after all.

The roles of Samurai in a Bushido Warband are somewhat varied and include; heavy hitting close combat specialists, snipers disrupting enemy movements or picking off key targets, and army commanders providing leadership to inspire and organise troops. Special cases exist of course, most notably The Blood Brothers, who operate as a very close knit unit and do not like to be separated.


  • Exceptional warriors, excelling in close combat and ranged attack abilities
  • Generally well equipped with various high quality weapons and Armour
  • Prowess, Bravery and Leadership are common traits
  • Higher than average cost

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