Rules Errata

Add Damage to Terms and Concepts:

  • A model is Damaged or takes Damage when it suffers Wounds or its wound boxes are marked.
  • Model A deals Damage or causes Damage when a model has wound boxes marked due to an effect on model A or an action taken by model A.

Add Summon to Terms and Concepts:

  • When a model is Summoned to the game it is added to the Warband in addition to the models already recruited.
  • You do not need to pay the Rice Cost of a Summoned model. Some models have "Su" as their Rice Cost, these can only enter play by being Summoned.
  • When a non-unique model is Summoned to the game it never has any Enhancement - Equipment cards attached to its card.
  • If a unique model that was recruited into the Warband is Summoned after being removed from the game, it retains any Enhancement - Equipment cards it was recruited with.

Ending the game with no models left.

  • If either player has no models left in play, immediately move to the End Phase, calculate Scenario Points and Victory Points, and then determine the final score.

Theme Benefits

  • Unless otherwise stated, Themes benefits only affect Friendly models.

MAX Symbol on Cards

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