Nobody knows what he did to be punished so, some even say he cut off his own wings, but the fact that he has perfected a technique of throwing his axes at his enemies wings may show he wants others to suffer as he does.
Even the most stoic and reserved of Tengu can become enraged at his mere presence.
In combat his bargain with Yurei wards away enemy blows whilst punishing opponents for trying to hurt him.

Model type(s):

Melee Weapon(s):

Weapon Melee Strenght Traits Special Abilities
Paired Axes +1 Bleed (1/1), Brutal (1) Combo Attack (1), Sidestep Defence (0)

Ranged Weapon(s):

Weapon Ranged Strenght Range Traits Special Abilities
Paired Axes +1 3/5/7 Ammo (2) -


Cultist (1/6"), Fear (5), Scout (1/4")

Ki Feat(s):

Unique Effect(s):

A model damaged by this model Ranged Attack loses Cloudwalk until the End Phase.
If this model has no Ammo Tokens it loses Brutal (1).
While this model is not in BtB with an Enemy model, Enemy Tengu models begining their activation within 3" must succed on a Ki Challenge Test (5) or declare a Melee Action against this model.
Models that fail gain Vengeance [Rokuro] until the action is resolved.

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