Rise (X)

  • When this model is reduced to 0 Wounds, immediately make a Challenge Test with a Challenge Number of X.
  • If successful the model Heals all Wounds and becomes Prone.
  • If it fails, remove the model from play as normal.
  • Models may not use this trait if their final Wounds were caused by the On Fire State in the End Phase.


Q: How does Rise and Last Stand on the same model work?
A: When your model gets reduced to 0 Wounds, you can choose which trait to activate first.
If you succeed at the Rise test at this point, uncheck all the Wounds on the model Wounds track and Last Stand cannot be activated. If you fail, then feel free to activate Last Stand.
If you trigger Last Stand first, the Rise will have no effect (Wounds track prevents healing/wound recovery/any way to get wounds back). The mechanics of this means that yes, you could roll the Rise test after declaring Last Stand, but if you succeed, you remain with all Wounds marked - so you die (again).

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