Raijin's Rage

Cost : 2 Ki Tokens

When this model makes a successful Ranged Attack, after that Attack is resolved but before its activation ends it may make an additional Ranged Attack against a model within 3" of the last model Targeted.
This Ranged Attack is considered in the Medium Range Band and ignore Range, LoS and Camouflage.



Q.Can you continue with multiple Ranged Attack in one activation with this Ki Feat?
A. Yes.

Q. Does Force Manipulation allow you to apply Slam Attack (0) to all attacks while using this Ki Feat ?
A. One use of Force Manipulation applies to every use of Raijin’s Rage in the same activation. So if you use Force Manipulation to buy Slam Attack (0) for your first Ranged Attack in the Ranged Attack Action, your subsequent uses of Raijin’s Rage in that activation also gain Slam Attack (0).

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