• If a model is Prone it suffers a -1 Melee Pool modifier and does not block LoS.
  • Enemy models may ignore a Prone model's ZoC and may choose not to be considered in BtB with them when declaring or performing their Actions, meaning the action choice is not restricted by being in BtB with the Prone model.
  • Enemy models may choose not to be considered in BtB with them during a Melee Exchange with another model.
  • Prone models are always the Attacker second in Melee Exchanges and may not benefit from Traits or effects that affect Initiative or use Special Abilities.
  • The only Action a Prone model may declare is Stand Up.
  • If a Prone model initiates a Melee Exchange through taking a Stand Up action it suffers -1 Melee Pool modifier for that Melee Exchange but initiative is not affected.

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Q. Can a model which is Prone provide assistance to another friendly model during a melee exchange?
A. The enemy model may choose not to be considered in BtB contact with a Prone model, which would negate the ability to assist unless they choose to stay in BtB.

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