Profile Types

Profiles Types

  • The type indicates all the keywords that refer to the model. A model can have multiple types, these are separated by commas and a model is always all of its types.
  • The Name and Types of models are often referred to by other rules.
  • Traits often have a [Type] that singles out what models the trait affects.
  • This [Type] can also be a model’s name.
  • Plural words are considered the same type as the same singular word for cards with multiple wound tracks.

Example: Aiko; Unsui, Monk, Shugenja is a Temple of Rokan model. Silverback’s Bodyguard[ Aiko ](3”) works on her because her name is Aiko. An enemy Kyuubi would gain the bonus for Vengeance because she is a Shugenja. She can be included in the Righteous Warriors theme because she is a Monk. In addition she is Unsui and so not a model affected by Ume’s Mentor rule.

Example: Both Kintaru and Fishermen of the Rokan are Fisherman models. Kintaru, because he has it in his type, Fisherman of the Rokan because it's in the name.

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