Profile Cards
  • Models in Bushido are represented by a Profile Card.
  • The Profile Cards contain all the information that will be used in a game specific to that model(s).
  • You also use the Profile Card to keep track of the Wounds sustained by your model(s), Ki Tokens and Game Effects.

Profile Card Components

Profile.jpg ProfileBack.jpg
1. Name
2. Elemental Icons
3. Size and Base
4. Type
5. Statistics

5.a) Melee Pool

5.b) Ranged Pool

5.c) Move Statistic

5.d) Ki Statistic

6. Wounds Track
7. Traits
8. Ki Feats
9. Weapon Grids

9.a) Weapon Traits & Special Abilities

9.b) Weapon Symbol

9.c) Range Band

10. Faction Symbol
11. Unique Effects
12. Rice Cost
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