• How easy is it for a model to move through?
  • Players should decide before the game starts if any areas of a Terrain element are different.


  • Cannot be moved through.
  • For competitive play this includes any element with a drop that would cause a model to have to climb or fall.
  • Future supplements for more narrative play may include rules for climbing sheer surfaces, falling damage and the like.


  • Can be moved through but each inch counts as 2 inches moved for any movement whilst within the Terrain element for models making a Walk, Run or Charge.
  • If Enhancing terrain has a sheer drop, this is usually difficult terrain, being pushed, Slammed or Thrown from Huge Enhancing terrain leaves a model prone and after any damage roll the damage is not halved.


  • No effect to movement.


  • Ideal terrain, such as properly paved roads or the like can aid in movement.
  • While making walk, run or charges if it crosses the Ideal Terrain at any point then it can add an extra 2” to its total move distance.
  • We suggest Ideal terrain only apply to individual terrain items.
  • If you play on a board with paving marked all over it do not count the whole table as ideal.
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