Minimoto Clan


The Bear Stands Alone…
Once allied to the Takashi Clan during the Dragon Wars, the Minimoto now have their very own ambitions. There is a strange wind that winds its way through the Iron Mountains and their home Jyoto, and whether it blows fair or foul remains to be seen, but the Minimoto Clan are nothing if not patient. Never one to seek the fineries and fripperies of court life, they are more than satisfied to spend their days' blacksmithing, fighting, and singing the Songs of the Weaponsmiths.
The rulers of the Iron Mountains may be slow to anger, but they are even more reluctant to forgive.

Play Styles

The Minimoto playstyle is deceptively aggressive. They appear on face value to be a defensive Warband that rely on their heavy Armour to soak up hits from opposing forces. This is not entirely untrue, as they are able to defend attacks easily and tie up even the most threatening enemies. However, they are also able to use their defensive nature to their advantage in offence as well. With average profile statistics of Armour (3) and 7 Wounds per model, Minimoto are capable of making all out attacks while still surviving. This is something any opponent would need to consider when engaging the Minimoto in combat.

Almost the entire clan benefit from the Bear Stands Alone trait. This allows each model to fight multiple opponents at once without suffering the usual penalty for being outnumbered. However, each model must work and fight alone and therefore it is common to see a Minimoto Warband spread out across the battlefield, with lone warriors holding objectives and controlling the full width of the board from fast moving and flanking models. This said, wearing such heavy armour does take its toll in reduced movement and the Minimoto will need time to get into the most strategic positions.

The Minimoto also have access to Fire weapons and other area effects to burn their enemies, as if their mighty Tetsubo’s weren’t bad enough!


  • Heavy Armour
  • Access to Fire weapons
  • Fighting Alone
  • Attrition

Profile Types


Profiles and Special Cards


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