Master Koju



Master Koju is a Contemplative Monk. A rarity in the Ro Kan Temple, though common elsewhere, Koju does not seek to master the elements but finds a state of inner harmony and communes with the Kami.
As with all contemplatives, Koju began with the smaller Kami inhabiting the Temple, later the elemental kami, who come to aid the Temple would also come to her simply to converse.
Koju could have continued, a simple monk, communing with the kami for her whole life and the Temple consider this a worthy path. Things changed when she was visited by The Kami of Time. This Greater Kami is the embodiment of one of the very powers that created the world. It has never communed with any other being, mortal or kami but now it came to charge Koju with a task.
Now all Kami pay her reverence, for if she is doing the bidding of The Kami of Time, she is part of the workings of the universe itself. Koju's acts are the natural order of things.
The Temple immediately made her a Master of Contemplation and seek her wisdom in any serious endeavour.
If Master Koju is in danger all of creation will bend to ensure her safety, and even the most depraved Kami representing the worst aspects of creation will not harm her. This often manifests as wild animals appearing alongside her to attack those who threaten her and her enemies seem to slow down in her presence allowing her allies the opportunity to take out threats before they have a chance to harm her.

Model type(s):

Melee Weapons(s):

Weapon Melee Strenght Traits Special Abilities
Bujutsu Sp Unblockable (1) Push Attack (0), Sidestep Defence (0), Sweep Defence (0)


Fearless, Immune [Prone], Kata, Lightning Reflexes, Sixth Sense

Ki Feat(s):

Unique Effect(s):

In the Starting Phase this model gains an additionnal Activation Counter.
This model is not affected by Enemy Ki Feats that remove Activation Counters.
This model can never gain Slow, models in a Melee Exchange with this model cannot benefit from Lightning Reflexes.
Kami models cannot Target or select this model with Melee or Ranged Attacks unless they begin their activation in BtB with this model.
This model's Melee Attacks does not cause Damages.

See One with Creation

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