Kinshi Temple


The death of time.
The death of light.
The death of existence.
Eternal night.
The circle turns.
The suns dim.
Erase the living.
A chorus sings.

''Time? Time is infinite. But the beings that swim through it are not, and when the power that moves those creatures fails to stir them, it disperses as solemnly as woodsmoke from an autumn fire. Yet, the tiny pieces of who or what we are are doomed to meet repeatedly, attract, and corrupt each other.
The path you walk in this life will be your path in all lives. Your existence is doomed to an endless cycle of weary, soul-grinding repetition that must be destroyed! All pleasure, pain, every friend, foe, victory or defeat will be yours to encounter after every revolution around the eternal ring. Forever.''
- Master Shi.

''Entropy flows from the Void. Do not forget that. Also, while it is also true that Ki is greater than the elements, and all elements are formed of Ki, Ki itself is indeed part of the Void. Such things are to be contemplated, not understood.''
- Master Enos.

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