Ki Feats
  • Each model may perform the Ki Feats on its Profile Card.
  • Ki Feats are categorised with restrictions, timing/action type and application.
  • Ki Feats are further classified by whom they affect.
  • All Feats have a cost in Ki Tokens which must be paid.
  • The cost of a Ki Feat or Boost cannot be reduced below one Ki Token by modifiers but effects can make feats cost zero if they explicitly state they do.
  • The cost of a Ki Feat can be either fixed or variable.

Ki Boosts to Statistics

Ki Feats List


Q. When can an Instant Ki Feat be used outside of Melee and Ranged Attacks?
A. Instant Ki Feats may be used at any time, including:

  • Before the Opponent nominates a model
  • Before or after the Opponent declares any Simple or Complex Action but before they actually perform the action

Q. Can I combine an Event Card with a Ki Feat during the same action?
A. Yes, you can use as many Event Cards as you have available and as many Ki Feats as you can pay for during the same action. In each case you may wait for the result of one Event Card or Ki Feat before deciding to use another.

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