Khendish is not a clever man and has been exploited and abused through most of his life. He found a measure of peace in a small village, where an old man took him in, and while he used his
strength to help the village build, gather crops, chop wood and the like, they all helped feed the huge brute and look after him. Hiroto, a mercenary at the time, was hired to clear out the village by a local Lord, claiming the villagers settled without his permission and he is to mine under the village for riches. He came to the village with some of the lord’s men and the thugs immediately attacked! Even at his
lowest point, Hiroto was not about to watch innocents be slaughtered but there were too many. By the time he was able to stop them, only Khendish was left alive. Unknown to any but themselves, the thugs were actually cultists and the deaths they caused awoke The Wraith, imprisoned for aeons, below the village. A standoff between Hiroto and The Wraith gives Khendish the opportunity to flee. A long duel of wit and strength ends with Hiroto finally at the mercy of the Kami. As it gloats at its victory taunting the near broken Hiroto, Khendish returns wielding the pole that he usually uses to clear the fields. Together they are too strong and The Wraith retreats, unwilling to jeopardise it's new found freedom. Hiroto, feeling a debt to Khendish, took the man to a safe place and left him to live there. Khendish was happy again, for a time, until the Takashi came looking for Hiroto.

Model type(s):

  • None

Melee Weapons(s):

Weapon Melee Strenght Traits Special Abilities
Burning Log +3 Fire (1/2), Reach -
Wrestling +1 - Throw Attack (1), Throw Defence (1), Grapple Attack (1)


Intimidate, Strong, Stupid, Vengeance [Prefecture]

Ki Feat(s):

Unique Effect(s):

This model always has Cover.
Strongest: Enemy models may not use Melee Boosts while in a Melee Exchange with this model.
This model may use Fire Spin despite the Stupid trait.
This model may be recruited into any Warband that has recruited Hiroto


This model can use the Fire Spin Ki Feat despite being Stupid.

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