Kaihei Alpha



Eight foot of lean muscle, a cunning, ruthless hunter. The Kaihei Alpha are the largest and most ferocious of the Kaihei, an already deadly beast.
Like all packs it only functions with strong leadership and Alphas have this in spades, another creature born out of the unforgiving wilderness the Oni call home where only the strongest survive.
In battle, under the Kaihei Alphas glare the pack moves as one, quickly and decidedly devouring their helpless prey alive, snapping and ripping in a bloody fury of tooth and claw.
Of the many fighting beasts of the Oni the Kaihei rightly hold a place of feared in the minds of men.

Model type(s):

Melee Weapons(s):

Weapon Melee Strenght Traits Special Abilities
Bite +1 - Grapple Attack (1), Sidestep Defence (0)


Bravery, Coordinated Attack [Kaihei], Dodge (1), Fear (4), Leadership [Kaihei] (1/6"), Lightfooted, Vengeance [Held,Prone]

Ki Feat(s):

  • None

Unique Effect(s):

Other Friendly Kaihei models in the Warband gain Bravery and Group.

See Kaihei Pack

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