Jung Pirates


When years passed without word of the Jung, they were considered lost, their return under the mon of the giant squid surprised everyone. They have reaped what they need from the traders on the seas of the Jwar Isles, forcing the Shiho, the leaders of the Prefecture at that time, to label them pirates. Their fleets are faster and their knowledge of the Isles’ waters unparalleled by all but perhaps the Carp clan, allowing them to evade the larger, less experienced junks of the Prefecture. Long years away from the courts of the Jwar Isles have left the Jung rough around the edges but they have not forgotten their ancestry.

Historical Reference

Ching Shih
The most successful pirate of all time

Play Style(s)


  • Versatile profiles
  • Large numbers
  • Sharks, Crabs and more to come
  • Many are quick on their feet (Jump up /lightfooted / immune prone)

Profile Types


Profiles and Special Cards


The Themes represent their leading Kancho, the Captain and their Juhin, the Quartermaster!
Do not forget: Each Kancho offers a unique effect for the Kaizokus.
The Themes enhance this, played without one of the 3 Themes, the effect still works.

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