Ito Koburai



Itsunagi is having a profound effect on the Ito. While many revere him as the chosen of Orochi, others envy his position and plot his downfall. The clan, it seems, is divided and conflicted. Koburai is neither; he respects Itsunagi’s leadership style without question. Likewise, Koburai respects Itsunagi’s fighting prowess and seeks nothing more than to emulate it; he even wields twin blades like his hero. The swiftness of the snake manifests itself to the Ito clan in many ways, and Koburai, it seems, is blessed by both speed and reflex. Koburai can draw his weapon, strike and return to a ready stance before the blood has even begun to flow. He’s been known to avoid the stealthiest of traps and even reacts before enemy magic has a chance to bring him down.

Model type(s):

Melee Weapons(s):

Weapon Melee Strength Traits Special Abilities
Twin Katana +1 - Combo Attack (0), Counterstrike Defence (0), Sidestep Defence (0)


Aggressive, Impetuous (2), Jump Up, Lightning Reflexes, Parry (1), Prowess [Melee, Move] (1), Split Attack

Ki Feat(s):

Unique Effect(s):

Whenever this model is required to roll a Size or Ki Test, you may choose to roll a Move Test instead. Use the same Challenge Number (For Challenge Tests) or against the Opponent’s normal statistic roll (For Opposed Tests). The Success or Failure on the Move Test replaces the original Test.
This model may not be given Enhancement Cards.
If recruited into the same Warband as Itsunagi, this model gains Kurouma Koryu: If this model places all its Melee dice into Attack, it gains Brutal (+1) until the end of the current Melee exchange.

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