Ito Clan


As deadly as a cobra lying in wait…
The discovery of an ancient temple dedicated to the Snake God, Orochi, has set the Ito on a course of rebellion against the ruling Takashi Clan and their allies.
At home on the jungle island of Izu, they practice honeyed words, laced with poisonous flattery, while plotting the downfall of their enemies. Imbued with the serpentine skills of speed, venom and cunning, the Ito Clan are a coiled snake around the throats of their enemies, squeezing ever tighter.
Renowned for their duplicity and untrustworthiness, it would be unwise to turn your back on the Ito Clan as you’ll never know when they may strike, but strike they will.

Play Styles

There are a variety of tactical options when creating an Ito Clan warband, ranging from:

  • Traditional combat focused Samurai and Ashigaru lists
  • Ki manipulation through the inclusion of Shisai and Shugenja, with magical abilities to help your warband or use Ki as a weapon to sap the enemy's strength and/or turn their own comrades against them
  • Poison laden fanatic warbands made up of Hebimiman (snake monsters) and acolytes of the Snake God "Orochi"
  • Any combination of these

Ito models are skilled combatants, but generally have no/very low armour, and rely on superior speed and agility in combat to avoid being pinned down. Controlling the place, time and duration of a fight with high Movement statistics and elusive abilities is critical to most Ito warbands, as they cannot sustain a drawn out engagement and hope to win a battle through attrition.

Lighting reflexes is a key trait available to many profiles, which allows control during melee exchanges by taking advantage of the ability to strike first and then dart out of reach or otherwise confound the enemy.

Abundant access to Poison weapons and abilities add potency during melee and ranged encounters, and can help to reduce enemy numbers quickly as well as dealing extra damage to heavily armoured opponents who threaten to blunt your attacks and soak up your precious activations.

Control of enemy models is a very powerful tactic in Bushido, and the Ito have access to this via Shugenja and special cards.


  • Speed and Agility
  • Poison
  • Control

Profile Types


Profiles and Special Cards


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