Ito Ayako



Many have failed to notice the snake like qualities of Ayako so beguiled by her beauty, the Ito could probably have married into a greater clan before her transformation.
A Shisai of the highest order, when she combines strength with her sisters she can become nigh-unstoppable.

Model type(s):

Melee Weapons(s):

Weapon Melee Strenght Traits Special Abilities
Tanto -1 - Sidestep Defence (0)


Blood of Orochi (1), Channel (6/6"), Immune [Poison], Jump Up, Virtue (6")

Ki Feat(s):

Unique Effect(s):

This model gains Resistance (X), and Willpower (X), X is equal to the number of othelr Friendly Shisai models within 3"; this cannot be greater than 2.
While this model is in play, when a Friendly model spends a Virtue Token you may choose the following effects until the End Phase:

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