• When an Immobilised model declares a Melee, Run, Charge, Scenario Action, Stand Up, Heal, or any Action including Movement (including changing facing); before the Action, the model must make a Size (6) Challenge Test.
    • If unsuccessful the model’s action is considered resolved.
    • If successful the model removes all Immobilised markers and resolves its action as normal.
  • An Immobilised model cannot declare the use of Special Attacks or Special Defences.
  • A model can declare a Wait Action to remove all Immobilised Markers.
  • Enemy models in BtB with an Immobilised model can declare Actions as if they were not in BtB.
  • If an Immobilised model is moved by any other effect then remove all Immobilised Markers from it.
  • Intangible models have Immune [Immobilised].


Q. The Immobilized state says to remove the state if the model is moved by any effect. Does this include attacking the model in melee from a direction that would cause them to turn and change facing?
A. No. Turning to face as part of a melee exchange is not movement.

Q. If a model goes Prone while Immobilised, does this remove the Immobilised state?
A. No. Going Prone does not count as movement so the Immobilised state remains.

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