Model type(s):

Melee Weapons(s):

Weapon Melee Strenght Traits Special Abilities
Something Sharp +1 - Powerful Attack (1), Counterstrike Defence (1), Push Defence (0)


Bodyguard [Herald, Council] (3"), Camouflage (4"), Soulless, Tiny

Ki Feat(s):

Unique Effect(s):

If this model was recruited into the same Warband as a Friendly Herald or Council model, it gains the Horde type while a Friendly Herald or Council model is in play.
This model may gain the Horde type from this ability even while not in play.
Shield: This model has Parry (+1), Ranged Defence (+1) and Armour (+1) unless Surprised.


Ig is better than most other Bakemono in all ways. His Melee Stat is good, his weapon has +1 To-Damage Roll, and his being Soulless makes him immune to being Frightened. Additionally, his, "Pile On," Ki Feat gives him significant flexibility, whether that be sneaking an extra 4" of movement in, or helping another Bakemono out. More so, if Ig is taken in a list that has a Herald or Council model, then Ig gains, 'Horde,' and can be, "Summoned from the Shadows," which allows you to use him much more aggressively.

Unfortunately, this also makes Ig very expensive for a Bakemono. Also, he lacks any type of combat re-roll and has a paltry 4 HP, which means he dies easily. It takes good placement and thinking to get the most out of Ig, and he is much less mistake-friendly than a Rinsho.


  • Push Defence (0) is awesome for controlling a zone and making sure he isn't ganged up on
  • Great answer for Fear, which Bakemono Hordes can struggle with
  • Very flexible, especially with "Pile On," which allows for a lot of movement
  • Like all other Horde Bakemono, he's flexible and disposable. Don't be afraid to throw this guys in the way of your opponent if you brought him with a Herald or Council model
  • Powerful Attack (1) and Counterstrike Defence (1) are nice, but rarely utilized as they're expensive and Ig has no re-rolls to make his melee rolls more consistent


  • Expensive Ki Boost for the Melee Stat, but you'll often want to pay it to get damage through
  • Can die from a single mistake or poor roll
  • Like all other 'Horde' Bakemono, he pays a 2-3 point tax for his ability to be brought on with, "Summon from the Shadows," but may only do so when taken with a Herald or Council model


Q. Can Ig be brought onto the table using "Summon from the Shadows" if he was not initially recruited into the Warband?
A. No. The profile must be recruited in order to gain the "Horde" type, so Ig can only be summoned if he was deployed as normal at the start of the game and then removed from play.

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