Hideaki was always known as a bit of a melancholic soul. He has treated his sea blessing, seen as an honour to the clan, with his usual lack of fervour. He does however long for the day when the process is complete and he has the strength needed to move his shell as he would like.
Hideaki quickly loses any resentment for his shell when it helps him avoid danger, and the speed that he can switch between safety and pressing the attack can surprise those that face him.

Model type(s):

Melee Weapons(s):

Weapon Melee Strenght Traits Special Abilities
Claw +2 Sharp (1) Critical Attack (1), Sidestep Defence (0)
Gaff +0 Bleed (1/1), Reach Drag Defence (0), Push Defence (1), Sidestep Attack (0)


Fear (5), Scout (1/6"), Jump Up

Ki Feat(s):

Unique Effect(s):

While Prone this model may declare the Wait Action instead of the Stand Up Action (Even if in BtB with an Enemy model) and it gains +1 Ki Statistic, Armour (3) and Durable until it loses the Prone State.
This model may not declare Special Attacks or Defences while Prone.
If this model uses its Scout trait, it begins the game Prone with 2 Ki Tokens.

References and meanings

Hideaki is mostly a crab of the family of Hermit crabs. They have to search for new shells from time to time, as the old one gets to small.


Q. Can Hideaki use his Retract Ki Feat during Melee Exchanges without suffering the negative effects of going Prone?
A. Yes. Retract is an Instant Ki Feat so can be used after Melee dice are rolled, but before the Damage Roll.

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