The latest recruit to the Cult of Yurei, Gendo is fleeting on the battlefield, transforming into a rat and scurrying away when the time is right.

See Small Rat Swarm

Model type(s):

Model Melee Weapons (s):

Weapon Melee Strenght Traits Special Abilities
Improvised Weapon +0 - Sweep-Attack(1), Sidestep-Defence(0)

Model trait(s):

Cloudwalk, Cowardly, Coordinated-Attack[Rat], Dodge(1), Flank

Ki Feats

Feat Name Cost Timing Application Restrictions Effects
Many as Onne 3 KiTA.png KiTSp.png KiRBtB.png
Master's Call 2 KiTA.png KiTSp.png KiRBtB.png KiOpT.png --


Q. When using the Masters Call Ki Feat, it says to place a small rat swarm in BtB. Does this mean the rat swarm must already be deployed to use the ki feat?
A. No. In this instance place means deploy.

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