Game Turn

Games of Bushido are broken down into a number of Turns. How many Turns the game lasts is dictated by the Scenario being played.

Each game Turn is divided into three Phases. The three Phases are the Starting Phase, the Main Phase and the End Phase.

Starting Phase

1. Roll for Variable Turns (See Scenarios).
2. Ki Generation: All models gain a number of Ki Tokens equal to the first number of their Ki Statistic.
3. Gain Activation Counters (2 per model)
4. Decide Active Player via Tactical Test
5. Resolve effects - Active Player first in the order of their choice.
6. Calculate Pass Tokens for the Turn.

Main Phase

1. Starting with the Player chosen to go first via the Tactical roll.
2. Player becomes the Active Player. From this point the Active Player may use Active Ki Feats.
3. Active Player chooses a model in their Warband and declares a Simple or Complex action for it to perform, or spend a Pass Token and skip to step 5.
4. Resolve action.
5. Active player may use Active Ki Feats for the last time this activation.
6. The Opponent then becomes the Active Player and follows from Step 2 unless they are unable to activate a model.
7. Once neither player is able to activate a model, move to the End Phase.

End Phase

1. Resolve "End Phase" effects - negative effects first.
2. Resolve States that cause Damage in the End Phase (On Fire, Bleeding, Poisoned).
3. Effects that expire in the End Phase now expire.
4. Check for scoring of Scenario Victory Points:

  • If this is the final Turn or if all 3 available Victory Points have been scored, the game finishes (Games can only finish in the End Phase).
  • If either player has no models left on the table, the game ends and Victory Points are calculated immediately.

5. Discard unspent Pass Tokens.

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