Game Setup

Before starting the first Turn, players need to set up the game using the following steps:
1. Create a Warband.
2. Choose Scenario to play (See Scenarios).
3. Deploy/nominate any Scenario Objectives.
4. Deploy Terrain and select Deployment Zones.

When deploying Terrain elements follow these three steps:

  • Randomly decide which player sets up a terrain element first.
  • Alternate in choosing Terrain elements until at least 6 elements are deployed. You may continue after this, if one player chooses to stop, the other may deploy one final terrain piece.
  • No Impassable Terrain element may be deployed within a Scenario or Deployment Zone or within 2” of a Scenario Objective, or another Terrain element with the Impassable Trait.
  • Player who chose to stop placing terrain chooses a Deployment Zone as dictated by the scenario.

5. Make a Tactical Test, to determine deployment.
6. Winner of the Tactical Test deploys terrain that is part of their Warband first, then the opponent deploys their terrain.
7. Simultaneously Declare or Record any VIMs (See Scenarios).
8. Winner of the Tactical Test decides which player deploys first. That player then deploys their entire force. Then the second player deploys their force (Deploy as detailed by the Scenario). See Scout and Flank traits for exceptions.
9. Begin First Turn.

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