Event Cards
  • Event cards are played once, at a time detailed on the card.
  • Once the card is resolved then it is discarded and removed from the game.
  • Some event cards may result in another special card being put into play, often as a result of some action on the table. In these cases the other special card will be printed on the reverse of the Event and can only be recruited in this way.

Event card traits:

  • Multiple (X):
    • This card can be purchased for a Warband up to X times.
  • Required [Type]:
    • This card is restricted in how it can be played or recruited and requires a [Type] of model or specifies another restriction.


Q. If an Event card does not specify a time that it can be used, then how do you know when it is permitted to use it?
A. If there is no specified timing then the Event card may be used in the same way and an Instant Ki Feat.

Q. How many Event Cards can I use during one action?
A. You may use as many Event cards as you have available during one action. You may wait for the result of one Event Card before deciding to play another.

Q. Can I combine an Event Card with a Ki Feat during the same action?
A. Yes, you can use as many Event Cards as you have available and as many Ki Feats as you can pay for during the same action. In each case you may wait for the result of one Event Card or Ki Feat before deciding to use another.

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