Enhancement Cards
  • The player must decide to which profile card an Enhancement card is Attached during the creation of their Warband.
  • Place an Attached Enhancement card under the chosen profile card.
  • The model(s) will benefit from the effects detailed on the card for as long as it is Attached to the model(s)’ profile card.
  • Models with the Insignificant trait cannot have Enhancement cards Attached to their profile cards during warband creation. Animal, Construct, Kami and Swarm models may only have Enhancement cards that specifically name them as Required.
  • Some models have multiple profile cards. If a card says X and Y are considered the same model when creating a Warband, then any Enhancement cards bought for either card are moved to the one starting in play before the game.
  • Some cards represent multiple models and have multiple wound tracks. Enhancement cards will specify if they can be bought for such models multiple times, other enhancements are bought for a single model on a card, which must be distinguishable from otherwise identical models without the enhancement.

Enhancement card traits:

  • Equipment:
    • This represents a physical item. A model may have only one Equipment card attached to it.
  • Multiple (X):
    • This card can be purchased for a Warband up to X times.
  • Required [Type]:
    • This card can only be Attached to the type of model stated.
  • Exclusion [Type]:
    • This card cannot be Attached to the type of model stated.
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