• While a model has a Disguise (X) Marker, Enemy models with a Ki Statistic of 1 or less cannot Target or voluntarily move into BtB with the Disguised model.
  • If the enemy model has a Ki Statistic of 2 or greater, when making a Ranged Attack or Ki Feat against a Disguised model, once the attack or Feat has been determined to be in range, the Enemy model must make a Challenge (X) Ki Test.
  • When attempting to move into BtB, determine if the model has enough movement to reach BtB and if so, make a Challenge (X) Ki Test.
    • If the Enemy model is successful remove the Disguise Marker and resolve the action as normal.
    • If unsuccessful its activation ends before any movement and it removes an Activation Counter as if it had completed the attempted action.
  • If a Disguised model declares a Melee, Ranged, Charge or Scenario Actions; or participates in a Melee Exchange remove its Disguise Marker.
  • While a model is Disguised enemy models may ignore its ZoC.

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