Dice Rolls

  • Bushido uses ordinary six-sided dice.
  • When a die is rolled the number given is referred to as the value on the die.
  • We use dice in the following ways:
      • D6: The number shown on a single die roll
      • 2D6: Two dice added together to give a value between 2 and 12
      • D3: Roll a D6 with the value given by 1-2=1, 3-4=2, 5-6=3
      • D2: Roll a D6 with the value given by 1-3=1, 4-6=2.
  • Some abilities call for a coin flip, this can be represented with a D2 if needed.
  • In some instances a random model or other element may need to be selected, any fair method may be used, in general assigning each a number then rolling a dice should suffice.
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