• During the Starting Phase each model gains 2 Activation Counters.
  • Each time a player becomes the Active Player, choose one model with Activation Counters and perform an Action.
  • Once the Action is complete, if the Activating Model took a Simple Action it removes one Activation Counter, while a Complex Action removes two.
  • If a model participates in a Melee Exchange it removes one Activation Counter even if it was not the Activating Model (The Activating Model does not remove an additional counter, just the one for the Action it made).
  • If an effect says a model makes an Action, such as a Walk Action or any Simple Action or Complex Action, even as part of a larger effect or another model’s activation, it loses an Activation Counter.
  • If the effect allows the model to Walk or other effect but does not make an Action then it does not lose an Activation Counter.
  • A model with no Activation Counters is Exhausted and cannot be chosen to activate.
  • If a model has only one Activation Counter it cannot declare a Complex Action.

Example 1: Takashi Katsumoto uses his Command trait on 2 Yarimen. Both Yarimen declare a Walk Action. As Command specifies a Simple Action , the Yarimen lose an Activation Counter.

Example 2: Hanso uses his Move it! Ki Feat on two Yarimen. Both Yarimen make a Walk up to their Move Statistic in inches but this is not a Walk Action so do not lose an Activation Counter.

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