Complex Actions

Charge «No Melee»

  • The Activating model makes a Charge move.
  • If a model does not have enough movement to achieve BtB with its Target, then it cannot declare a charge action on that target.
  • Only active and instant abilities may be used this activation.
  • If the movement brings the charging model into BtB with the Target Enemy model a Melee Exchange is resolved. For this Melee Exchange, the charging model gains +2 to its first Damage Roll.

Complex Ki feat

  • The Activating model may attempt a Complex Ki Feat listed on its Profile Card.
  • Some Ki Feats can be combined with a Walk.

Focus «No Melee»«No Move»

  • The Activating model gains a number of Ki Tokens equal to its Ki Statistic.

Complex Scenario «No Melee»«No Move»

  • The model may not be in BtB with an Enemy model, or in an Enemy‚Äôs ZoC, and must be in BtB with a Scenario Objective.
  • Turn the Activating model to directly face the objective.
  • See the specific Scenario for the effect.
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