Combo Attack
  • If the Attack is successful then after resolving a Damage Roll, deduct 2 from the Success Level of the Attack.
  • If the new Success Level is 0 or greater make another Damage Roll against the Defender.
  • Repeat this process until the Success Level is less than 0.
  • If the Success Level of the original attack was 0 or 1, after resolving a Damage Roll, make one additional Damage Roll against the Defender at Success Level 0.
  • Note: If a model has abilities that trigger when damage is caused each damage roll will trigger those abilities separately.


Q. Does Combo Attack keep working if the enemy model is killed, but then passes a Rise Challenge Test?
A. Yes. Any additional damage rolls for Combo Attack are applied after the enemy model is healed due to the Rise Trait.

Q. Do states and effects applied due to damage rolls (Poison, Fire, Stunned etc..) stack with each damage roll made when using Combo Attack?
A. Yes. Markers are applied for each successful damage roll.

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