Challenge Tests
  • These require rolling a number of dice equal to the named Statistic. i.e. Ki Challenge test (5), Move Challenge test (6).
  • If no Statistic is specified then the Challenge Test is made using a single D6.
  • The bracketed number is the number that must be equalled or exceeded by the final result of the dice rolled and is called a Challenge Number.
  • The Challenge Number can also be modified, it is possible for the Challenge Number to be zero or negative.

Rolling a Challenge Test

  1. Calculate the model’s dice pool, deciding if they will use any Effect, Ki Feats or increase the Statistic being used through a Ki Boost.
  2. Roll the dice and conduct any re-rolls.
  3. Remove any dice with a value of 1.
  4. Apply any modifiers to their highest die result rolled; the player then collects up to two dice rolled which were not removed, each of these Supporting Dice will add +1 to the highest dice rolled.
  5. The final result is then compared to the Challenge Number.
    • if the Result equals or exceeds the Challenge Number the test is successful.
    • If the test is a success and requires a Success Level this is the difference between the final result rolled and the Challenge Number.


Q: When taking a Challenge Test do you apply the Brutal or Parry trait to the roll?
A: No. Challenge Tests are not attacks or defences, so only modifiers that can be applied to to the Dice Pool are valid.

Example: Buzenbo Targets a Prefecture Ashigaru model who is in BtB with a Zephyr Guard. A Ranged Challenge Test (6) is required to determine if Buzenbo hits the right Target. Buzenbo could use a Ki Boost to add a die to his Ranged Pool, but his Brutal trait does not apply.

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