Bodyguard [Descriptor] (X”)

  • If an Enemy model declares an action that would move it into BtB with a [Descriptor] Friendly model, or Targets it with a Ranged Attack, this model may switch positions with the Friendly model before the action begins if the following conditions are met:
    • The Friendly model is within X” and in LoS.
    • The Friendly model was not in BtB with an Enemy model at the start of the activation.
    • This model is not in BtB with an Enemy model.
    • This model is not Exhausted or Prone.
    • If the Enemy model has Fear, the bodyguard must pass a Fear Test.
    • Both models switching positions can fit within the space the other model occupied on the table without moving any other models
    • If bodyguarding a larger based model, your opponent places the bodyguard anywhere within the area covered by the larger base then you choose Facing.
  • The Enemy model's action is then resolved with this model being declared as the Target.
  • If this model has the Fear trait the Enemy model must make a Fear Test as if this model were its original Target.


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